00:05: Singing ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade

00:21 Kym Marsh: Cheryl Cole just walked in

00:25 Ant McPartlin: Christmas spirit reveal yourself… It’s Olly Murs!

00:30 VOICEOVER Dermot O’Leary: Leona Lewis everyone!

00:33 VOICEOVER Veron Kay: £100,000 everybody!

00:38 VOICEOVER Declan Donnelly: The whole reason we’re here tonight is to

raise money for six fantastic UK charities

00:43 Gary Barlow: Greetings from Camp Bastion. This Christmas help someone

less fortunate and Text Santa.

00:59 Stephen Mulhern: So think about what that is…

01:00 Joey Essex: I’ve got this one…

01:01 Stephen Mulhern: …what is it?

01:03 Joey Essex: Is it something to do with me... Joey Essex! Yes! Is that it?

01:08 Stephen Mulhern: Get this right and you would have won…

01:10 Kian Egan: Text Santa!

01:16 Downton Abbey character: What is it?

01:17 Carlson from Downton Abbey: That is a television

01:19 Downton Abbey character: A what?... Oh just turn it on!

01:23 Declan Donnelly: Chunder Chowder!

01:30 Ant McPartlin: It’s a sheep’s eyeball

01:37 Emmerdale Cast: Jamie, Jamie Jamie, Jamie

01:40 Jamie: What?!

01:42 Little Dec: What do you want for Christmas this year?

01:44 David Cameron: A bit of piece and quiet, a night off

01:51 Fay Bowring: When I first met Carole her marriage had broken up so she

was under a lot of stress. I just went over to her and put my arm around her and

said what can I do to help you? She just broke down.

02:04 BHF Parent: The consultant came out, looked at her and went she’s a

cardiac baby. We need an ambulance now.

02:10 VOICEOVER BeatBullying Victim: I’ve started cutting myself again. I’m so

angry as I haven’t cut for over 8 months until today.

02:16 BeatBullying Counsellor: So she’s taking the blade out of her pencil

sharpener to cut herself.

02:20 Alex: I was diagnosed with cancer and it was not curable. I couldn’t

visualise leaving Jessica - she’s three. Just the thought of not being there to see

her grow up in case she never knew how much I loved her tore me up inside…

02:47… The hospice has probably made the difference between me being very

very depressed. I’m able to really be the mum that I want to be for Jessica whilst

I can be and whilst I’m alive. I hope I’ve managed to put across how brilliant

they’ve been.


Text Santa is ITV’s annual charity fundraiser appeal, raising money and awareness for six UK based charities each year.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people in the UK by inspiring, engaging and empowering the nation to make a difference at Christmas time.

We are proud to say that when you make a text, phone or bank donation to Text Santa, it will be split equally between our six charities. 100% of what you donate gets passed to the charities as soon as we receive it. So by March, each year, your money is already helping to make a big difference.

All Text Santa operating costs including staffing and the programme itself are funded directly by ITV as part of our corporate giving, and not from our corporate partners or your contributions.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has got involved to date for their brilliant support and help in raising £15 million for charity.