00:06: In July or June of 2013 I discovered I had Cancer. It was a really big shock

because people my age aren’t supposed to get cancer. I thought why did it have

to be me, there’s just so many things I want to do now ‘cos life is too short.

00:34: I met Lorraine 6 ½ years ago and within 7 months of meeting I was

diagnosed with Motor Neurones disease, it basically means that I’d lose all my

voluntary movement, speech and breathing. Maybe miracles will happen and a

cure is found and I get to live a normal life.

01:04 Our two children suffer from from Sanfilippo disease which is a

degenerative condition. It is bit like being given a death sentence really. When

you know your child is going to die, you just have to try and create as many

smiles and as many moments as you can each day.

01:26 When I was told I was going to lose my sight, I got to a point when I just

didn’t want to live anymore. When Eddie came along it just opened up my world.

Guide dogs has really given my life back.

01:42: Ellie was born prematurely with Bronchial Malacia, we’ve now been in

hospital for a year because she requires 24/7 ventilation. The hardest thing is

having to go home and leave her. The family just isn’t complete without Ella. She

should be home for Christmas like every child.

02:01: I first met Betty in 1948, we have been married now for 58 years,

marvelous, wonderful years. Betty was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years

ago, you know that as soon as that conversation finished she has gone and when

you have no memory of all the things you have done in your lives it’s sad.


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