My cancer is terminal
We don’t know how long I have left
As harsh as it sounds it is reality.

In 2012 cancer was discovered in Peter’s foot even after having his leg amputated to remove the tumour. A year later the cancer had spread.
Peters wife:
Pete was the one I was going to be with forever. We were gonna grow old, sit in our chairs with our slippers.
Unfortunately cancer got in the way and it was evident that that might not happen anymore.
Evident that that dream has gone.
The severity of Peter’s cancer meant a long stay in a hospice away from Harley and her their two boys Joshua and George.


My family mean the world to me.
My wife is just my rock and if it wasn’t for her I… I would give it up

Peters wife:
It’s heart breaking to see him in so much pain. To see him suffer knowing that you can’t take that away.
I was struggling hard. Real struggling.
Till they said to me about a Macmillan nurse Karen.
And that she would be coming round to check me and see how I am.
And that gave me a sense of protection cause she was going to be there for me.
She really understands.

Peters wife:
She’s an amazing person to have in your life at a time like this.
She’s not just a Macmillan nurse she is more of a friend to us as well.


My body has been able to relax knowing when the time is right and I’m ready to go.
I know Harley, Joshua and George will all be supported by Macmillan
Peters Wife:
I don’t want the boys to grow up without a Dad.
Which is why I want Pete to keep on fighting.


It’s a tough one.
It’s a tough one knowing- Knowing that I’m not going to be around.
And that yeah… They’re going to grow up without me.
Its tough. It’s tough for me to take in.

Martin Clunes:
It’s been six weeks since Peter passed away.
And I’ve come to see Harley and the boys.
To help keep Peter’s memories alive Karen suggested making a memory blanket for Joshua and George.
What a lovely thing.

Peters wife:
It’s made up of Pete’s clothes.
It’s made up of things that mean something that the boys can look back on and think I remember when Daddy wore that or I remember Daddy wearing those.
This Hendon one is when he became a special police office for the metropolitan police.
He loved it he loved going out like he was achieving something.
This one was America. It was a really good year. Good times yeah.
That was his last birthday party that he wore…Yeah
This is all Liverpool. Pete was a mad Liverpool man.
It’s not like now that he’s gone his memory will die. We will keep that alive.

Karen and the Macmillan’s cancer support were able to move Peter home before he passed away
which allowed him to spend his last few precious weeks with his family.


Martin Clunes:
How do you facilitate that move from the hospice to the home?


I’ve got everything in place for him like the beds the carers the district nurses everyone would be in place to facilitate him coming home.
And spending what quality time he could at home.


Peters Wife:
It was really lovely for Joshua because the last thing he ever said to his dad was ‘I love you daddy.’ Hugged him goodbye and it was here as well it wasn’t at a hospice you know.
It was at home.
Martin Clunes:
Well that’s a great positive memory for Josh
Peters Wife:
Well the worst things happened so I try not to dwell on that as such.
And I don’t dwell on that bit I find the good bits out of it.
That’s what I’m aiming for.

Martin Clunes:
Clearly Peter a much-cherished father and husband lost to cancer and know one can change that.
But what you can’t question is the support Macmillan have given the Daintree family.
Every step of the way since that diagnosis. Karen the care nurse has been there on the end of the phone or in person in hospital in hospice and back home again.
And it costs so pick up your phone and text now to provide more nursing hours and more Karen’s .

End of clip

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