Bradley PTC: Every parent’s nightmare is the thought of having your child go before you. But for some, it is a reality, and life can become an endless cycle of round the clock care and emotional turmoil. Make A Wish gives families the chance to make the most of the precious time they have left together by providing everything needed to fulfil a child’s one true wish. Just like they did for Neil, Samantha and their daughter May.

Neil: She was very rough and tumble, she loved jumping about. She was always running around the house and the back garden covered from head to toe in mud or rain, she was always outside. She enjoyed herself, a bit of a handful.

Neil: And then when Joe came along it was the perfect little family. It was a real affectionate relationship but she was the boss, she definitely was the boss.
Bradley V/O: Aged just 4, May’s life was about to change forever.
Samantha: One day her stomach started to swell. So we took her to the GP and he said straight away she needs to go for a scan at the hospital.
Bradley V/O: The doctors discovered a mass in May’s stomach. It was Cancer.
Samantha: She was already at stage when they diagnosed her. Which is the worst, possible.
Bradley V/O: May immediately started an intensive course of chemotherapy.


Neil: She hated all of it. She was so distressed.

Samantha: I mean it’s hard enough to give children medicine at times, they don’t like it, let alone have needles put in them all over the place.

Neil: We spent a lot of time in hospital and that’s no life for a child, she didn’t get to do really anything that she would have normally done, everything changed for her. She was, she was just on this conveyer belt of treatment.

Samantha (to Bradley): Hello

Bradley (to Samantha): How are you? You alright darling?
Bradley V/O: I’ve come to meet Neil and Samantha and their son Joe to find out how Make A Wish were able to make a difference for May.


Neil: It was fantastic, the people came round to the house and interviewed May.

Bradley: And what was it that May wanted to do?

Samantha: She wanted to be a princess for the day.
Bradley (watching video): Oh look at that carriage! How cool is that.





Neil: She smiled from start to finish, didn’t she? She loved every second of it.

Bradley: What a fantastic thing.

Neil: The whole town stopped, it was just amazing.
Bradley: May obviously had a lot of treatment going on so that Make A Wish day came as, well a massive respite I guess.

Neil: Our lives were pretty much on hold for May’s treatment, we couldn’t go very far we couldn’t do anything.

Samantha: And it was just something we couldn’t have done ourselves. It’s an escape for the day and we could just be normal again.

Neil: Yeah we were like a normal family again.
Neil: What it did was create some amazing memories that will stay with us forever.

Neil: I just remember bursting with pride, just at how beautiful she was.

Neil: She was so beautiful. She looked perfect and she was so happy. It was probably the
last time we saw her smile.



Neil: Three weeks after the wish we had to go back to hospital, they were just going to
do some tests and scans and things.

Samantha: And um, they just told us that it spread.

Neil: And it was everywhere.

Samantha: It’s just devastating, you’ve got no hope





Samantha: We were just there to try and make her comfortable really and we just had to
tell her not to be scared and…

Neil: We just spent all of our time with her, holding her hand and trying to reassure her that mummy and daddy were there, we were holding her.

Samantha: There was nothing you could do.

Neil: She finished school in the July, she finished her reception year and she died on the 31st of August, she didn’t make it back for…

Samantha: For year one.

Neil: She didn’t make it back for year one.
Bradley PTC: To say that that is heart breaking is an understatement but you can see
that the work that the Make A Wish foundation does, gives families wonderful
memories and solace in such times of desperation.
Neil: The wish was really special because it gave May that one last happy day and it
made her smile all the time and we’ll never get that back again.


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