00:06 Child 1: I think it’s very important because were helping people

Child 2: Don’t put the eggs in the bottom of the pack because they might crack.

NR: No eggs, sir? How do you girls think I did?

Children: You need to do some more packing.

00:20 Tina Gelder: Right, here goes then

I put your wine in your frozen food so it’s chilled when you get home

Customer: Thank you very much

Fred: And we’ll be at checkout number one and number two so come and say hello to us in a few minutes time.

Sangeeta: Merry Christmas!

00:38 Fred: That’s a good one isn’t it? There’s quite a knack to this, Sangita hasn’t got any customers. holds up customer’s hand How for now!

Sangeeta: This is Adele and we’re raring to go aren’t we? You do the burgers and I’ll do the cold frozen bits.

Customer: I’ll chuck that lot on.

Fred: Oh you are kind, thank you very much.

01:00 Sangeeta: Have a lovely Christmas, nice to talk to you. Nice to see you, bye!

Matt Teale: Ok, guys, can I help? Yes? Brilliant. What are the rules? Give me some tips.

Matt Teale: Cheerio! Good job! Top team!

01:19 Matt Teale: Lovely, thank you. Merry Christmas. Are we doing alright? Yeah? Not bad?

01:30 Matt Teale: I’m not sure that I’ve actually got the hang of packing these all properly.

Staff member: All the customers are enjoying it – they’re all coming and getting free mince pies.

01:48 Newsreader 4: Oh, actually. You know what, I’ll take that one out.

02:02 Sameena Ali-Khan: What school are you from?

Children: Old Park.

Sameena Ali-Khan: Old Park, right ok. And is this better than doing lessons today?

Children: Yeah.

Sameena Ali-Khan: And do you do packing when you’re helping your mums?

Children: No

02:13 Sameena Ali-Khan: No? Oh my goodness! Why’s that then? Do you go shopping with your mum?

Children: No, not really.

Sameena Ali-Khan: Try not to?

Children: When you’re grown up, you try and get out of it.

Sameena Ali-Khan: Typical boys

02:24 Tony Christie and children (singing): Shalalalalalalala Shalalalalalalala Shalalalalalalala and Marie who waits for me.

Tony Christie: You’re good, you’re very good.

Group: Text Santa! (laughing)


Santa’s little helpers in action!

Today we revealed that our 7000 Santa’s little helpers helped raised over £104,641.23 last week during the Big Bag Pack. A huge well done to everyone involved, including our charity volunteers, primary schools, News and This Morning team and our hosts – Morrisons!

But they aren’t the only helpers that have been out in force for Text Santa this year.

Across our social media platforms, you’ve been sharing what you’ve been doing to help raise money for the appeal this year. We’ve been capturing some of your activity on our webpage.

If you’d still like to get involved, it’s not too late! Host a festive quiz, organise a Friday fundraiser, or join in the main event. On Friday we’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to wear a hat to show their support and in return, donate to Text Santa. We’ve even set up a way for you and your colleagues, friends or family to donate online.